Our vision is to give every Tech Sister working in the events industry around the world the opportunity to feel through support, training, and networking.
Our Story

Empowering The Events World

We were founded on the 25th of January 2019, with a strong vision and focus to see change. We started with what we had and have been busy creating this thriving community. With more than 500 members on our Facebook group, we are growing at an incredible speed, helping more and more people feel supported and empowered. Our community is a place that members know, through all life’s seasons, we are supporting and empowering them. As we grow, we want to ensure our members still feel they can connect in a more local and practical way. So we are developing a program to help us meet them locally. Each member has the opportunity to get involved in their local group which have group mentors who organise regular catchups, events and the like. Our local groups are a very important element to the overall vision. They ensure members feel as connected & empowered with 500 members as they would with 10,000 members.

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What We Do

Ways that our members can be Empowered, Encouraged & Equipped

Local Tech Connects (NEW)

These groups reach our members locally, regularly meeting up for catch ups, whilst keeping engaged with their local community chat group online.

Department Tech Connects (NEW)

These groups encourage members to ask questions & share their experience with other members.

Birthday shout outs

Celebrating members Birthdays on our facebook group.

CV Edits & Work Contact Sharing

We offer to edit members CVs and share work contacts with them to help give them a kick start into this industry

Job Opportunities

we constantly along with our members post about local and international work opportunities.

Facebook Group - Posts/Events/Discussions

our content is relevant, thought provoking and brings our community together

Events World

Departments we make up as of Sep-2020

Leadership Team
Your Faq

FAQ you might find useful

1Where are your members from

All around the world, working or involved in the events industry

2What sets you apart from other supportive groups

We are ALL departments of the Events world, from ALL around the world. Creating a global conversation focused on Empower, Encouraging & Equipping Tech Sisters through support and networking

3How do I join?

Head to our Facebook group and answer the questions, (there is a link at the top of this page)

4I'm not a Tech Sister but I want to support the Tech sisters, how can i support this community?

There is a few ways you can support The Tech Sisters. 1. Share our social media links to all the Tech sisters that you know, we want to keep reaching and helping more and more members, so this would spread the word even more. 2. GoFundMe - if you are able, head to our GoFundMe page (in the support section of this page) and donate if you're able, we don't charge members at this point and we would love to stay that way, and funding will help towards this goal. Buy our merch, showcase our brand with pride and respect

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